Abilene TX Family Photographer - Christmas Family Session

Well, this certainly was a LOT of fun!  

Beverly asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would take some pictures of her family again but this time it was going to be for Christmas cards...how could I say no?  One of the most sweetest families I've ever met and I've probably said that a million times already but I truly do mean it (not to mention, Scout's mom is one of my dear friends).

Friday in Abilene, TX it had practically rained all day and had a generalized gloomy feel but when I stepped foot in Beverly's home that evening I knew we were going to get some pretty pictures.  Her tree was set up in a very large room, in front of a very large picture window, with what felt like 2,000 glowing white lights <insert squeal of joy here>.  While I waited on the family to assemble I took some solo pictures of the tree and realized we were going to have a good night.

Scout is generally a happy baby but, oh, have you ever seen a baby lay their eyes on a lit Christmas tree for the first time?  She lit up, too, like the Christmas tree - it was so sweet and I was able to get some of these reactions with the click of the shutter.  Just way too cute, really!  I usually have to coax a smile out of her cousin Trevor but he was pretty happy getting to hold her - I think the whole room was just a teeny bit smitten.

Eventually, as I've said before, I'd love to solely focus on maternity and newborn photography but if I get a session like this every once in a while - I think I'm okay with that.  

Hopefully this is not my last post for the year but if it is - I hope you've been good boys and girls and Santa brings you what you want!