Abilene TX Wedding Photographer - 201 Mesquite Wedding Venue

Monday is O V E R. Hurrah!

I’d love to blog daily, I really would - even weekly would be great. Being a full-time dental hygienist, mom to a four year old, and taking pictures in between, you can kind of understand why I don’t!

A few months back I was lucky enough to be a second photographer for Cacie Admire at the awesome 201 Mesquite venue. I didn’t realize the venue was that large! There are some really amazing opportunities for natural lighting even though you wouldn’t think that immediately upon walking in (see below). While I didn’t spend a lot of time with the girls, I did spend a good portion of time capturing the groom and his groomsmen - they were a blast!

It was hot as Hades on that Saturday and while we opted to go outside for formal shots it was an absolute blessing to go back inside for the air conditioning.

I can honestly say that their wedding cake was the best I’ve tasted and was so upset when my piece was tossed when we got up to capture the first dance, haha! I’ve been dreaming of another piece, I might just contact Oh Butter to do my daughter’s fifth birthday!

Sam and Ryan were such a wonderful couple - easy to talk to, up for anything, kind to each other, and share a beautiful little girl. We stole them from the reception for some roof top pictures and I am SO glad we did.

Enough of my babble, here are the highlights of what I captured for their big day. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Campos!